Sunday, October 28, 2018

Learning About What I Am Allergic or Sensitive To...

These days, some people can freak out because you say that you are allergic to something so ordinary, they can't believe it.  And in truth, I think that they have every reason to doubt what they hear or read about because the reports of allergies can be a little overblown.  The brutal truth is that for a small segment of the population certain sensitivities and allergies can lead to fatal results, so one must be careful and well aware of the risks of being exposed to allergens.

Here is a list of things I am allergic or sensitive to:

  • Green Tea / Black Tea / White Tea = itching to violent intense itching, and anaphylactic shock depending on the amount.  Green tea is the worst of the three teas because now, companies are using it in everything including most anti aging creams.  I have had emergency room visits because of this.
  • White Sugar = no visible symptoms to chronic migraine headaches depending on the amount, increased yeast production.  I have to stay away from high amounts of this because I have been diagnosed as prediabetic.
  • Honey = hives, cysts and anaphylactic shock depending on the amount.
  • Airbrne Bee Pollen = hives, trouble breathing and anaphylactic shock depending on the amount.
  • Maple Syrup = hives, cysts and anaphylactic shock depending on the amount.
  • Shellfish = no symptoms to mild itchy throat to anaphylactic shock depending on the amount.
  • Non Organic and Bleached Wheat Flour = sharp painful bloating in the gut for a few days to a week, sharp joint pain for several days or weeks, water retention, painful inflammation in vulnerable areas on the body like the spine and connected nerve endings, constipation, extra mucus production, and brain fog, fatigue. (I seem to be fine with gluten and organic wheat.)  I try to eat gluten free in order to avoid wheat that isn't organic.
  • Fried foods (the oils) = violent gut pains, painful bloating, water retention, brain fog.
  • Garlic and Onions = intense body odor.
  • Raw Cashews = no symptoms to itchy throat depending on the amount.
  • Oat Straw (Avena Sativa) = hives or welts that look like insect bites that painfully itch really bad at and around the area, then vanish in two hours.  (What The Heck!)
  • St. Johns Wort = warts on the fingers.
  • Kava Kava = itching, insomnia, restless paranoia.
  • GABA = itching, insomnia, restless paranoia.
  • Vitamin B Complexes = High dosages over 50mg will give me lower back pain (kidney) and immediate sleepiness. I have no problem with a food source.  Supplements are the problem.
  • Vitamin B12 in any form = lower back pain (kidney) and immediate sleepiness.
  • Multivitamins = lower back pain (kidney).
  • Potassium supplement form = lower back pain (kidney).  I have no problem with a food source.
  • Chromium Pollinate = lower back pain (kidney).
  • D-3 supplements = anytime taken without k2 over 1,000 iu lower back pain (kidney) and fever.  I have no problem with taking D-3 with K2, sunlight and happy lights.
  • Tomatoes = mild to moderate itching on the tongue and around the mouth.

For me, this is my reality.  I have to watch out for these things because it can disrupt my day or week and stop me from living a normal life.  At one time I was not sensitive to these things but over the years, it has become more intense.

Some of these sensitivities don't show up immediately after I am exposed to the item, but about a few hours to a full 24 hours.  For many years, I didn't even know that they were the cause until I began doing personal experiments of elimination and keeping track of what I am exposed to.

I keep Benadryl handy to help me manage some of the exposure to allergens and sensitive substances.

I will be updating this from time to time, but for the time being I've been told that this all may be related to an auto immune disease.  I am not ready to make that claim yet, but I will let you know where this leads.

Leave a comment if you also have any of these sensitivities so we can share our findings with others.

Your friend,

Veltis Angel

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