The Moon

As I lay awake in my bed,
I can see the moon outside my window
just beyond the curtain.
As lovely as she is,
The moon is watching me!
Oh how she glows!
She speaks to me.
She speaks to my heart.
She sings a soothing song to us,
Me and my tortured heart,
About timeless feelings
And about timeless things.
No one but the moon will offer
Answers to a weary soul.
A can finally rest about the past
I can't forget.
But I can forgive
Because the moon tells me
I must in order to move on.
And so I move on
Because I love myself
And I trust the moon.
It calms me.
If it was not for that light,
That precious beautiful light,
I'd be miserable in my solitude.
From the midnight hour
To the break of dawn
The moon's watch is the light
That keeps me from dwelling
Too deep into the dark places.
Thoughts can wander so late after dusk,
While the world is silent.
Every ambition must wait!
My eyes are open as I dream
Of tomorrow;
Some place in the future
Where I am happy
And free of pain.
I know that the sun will be there
In place of the moon
Shinning in my eyes so brightly.
I look to the moon again
To absorb her wisdom.
I ask her questions once more
And in response, she softly glows
As she watches me,
Sings to me,
Talks to me,
at a time when no one else will.
I watch all night
Until blue blankets softly
Begins to down out the black of night
In the wide open sky.
Like a child,
I yawn.
My eyes are finally getting wearier
From this sweet lullaby.
The moon's voice fades gently
Into the  mist of oblivion again
From whence it came.
A new day crops up
Like a Jack in the box,
Snatching the conversation I'm having
Away in it's wake
Whilst all of the birds in the valley
Chirp wildly in the morning mist.
The day begins
As I close my eyes to sleep.
I must wait until tonight
To see that lovely moon again.

-Veltis Angel (11/27/2002)

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