About Me

So you want to know about me, huh?  Well thank you so much for your curiosity!  I am a filmmaker, multimedia artist and creative entrepreneur currently building an entertainment business.  

I was born and raised in New York City.   While there I developed a vast background in an array of fields such as art, fashion design and costume design in the 1990's.  In the early 2000's I ventured into fundraising, pubic relations, event planning, email marketing, managing extensive constituent lists, and my specialty was social media marketing.   At one point on Myspace I even managed to acquire over 200k friends back in the day (2005).  Things have changed a lot since then.  I also spent some time promoting night clubs, film screenings, and a few local businesses.

I fell in love and moved to Fargo, North Dakota in 2010 to be married.  The relationship didn't work, but I decided to stay in Fargo and so far it's been great for me.

Currently, I enjoy writing, studying film, paper crafting, sewing, taking photographs of everything I see, creating fantasy Photoshop art, and creating experimental short films.  I had always planned to create a business some day, but had a very hard time putting all of my interests and talents together  into one career.  

The first stage of the business I am developing begins on YouTube, creating a hub of entertainment channels.

In June of 2016, I began film reviews on YouTube as the Retro Nerd Girl.   In my reviews, I concentrate on pointing out all of the wonderful things that make films so inspiring and entertaining to movie lovers.  There is also a written blog where I go into far more detail in my movie reviews than in the videos.  As well I have a Facebook and Instagram account that is available to follow.  The channel is incredibly supported by compassionate donations on Patreon from movie lovers.

In July 2018 after the tragic loss of a close friend to suicide, who also shared the same astrological sign of Leo with me, I emerged a new channel, Leo for Leos.  This channel is a monthly tarot card reading for the astrological sign of Leo as a way to offer hope to troubled Leos in the form of entertainment.  The channel has an Instagram account and a concise written blog catering to the sign of Leo.  However, anyone can consume the information.  If this channel does well, I might branch out to other zodiac signs.

November 24th 2018 I reinstated the Veltis Angel channel to document and disclose aspects of how I am building my business from scratch so others can repeat the process... or learn from my mistakes.  I hope you will join me on that journey.

On Christmas Eve 2019 I emerged with Celebrate Christmas 365 - The Christmas Channel on YouTube and on Instagram.  For many years, I anonymously ran the blog versionThis particular channel is specialized for fanatics of the holiday season that want it to last all year... like me. On the channel, I feature crafts, Christmas Movie Reviews, documentaries and commentaries about the holiday.

Manifest It, is a channel in development to help viewers reprogram their thinking process for maximum manifestation, focus, change and achievement.  That channel will really be a good tool to use in conjunction with my blog and my twitter account for personal development.

At long last, Veltis Angel Studios is coming in 2021, where I will be posting short films, skits, video comics and a few science fiction episodic projects in conjunction with graphic novelizations.

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 I hope you enjoy my offerings and thanks for taking the time to check out my stuff!  I really appreciate you!  :D