Top 10 Reasons Why Some People Refuse To Use Networking Websites

There are many reasons why people will not join or actively use a social networking website. Here are some reasons that I found to be interesting:

1) They are unwilling to do anything that seems trendy even though we are about 6 years into the trend. However, there is a shred of a chance they may join, but their activity will be limited.

2) They are just too busy with work or an active lifestyle to devote the time to navigating and up keeping their profile.

3) They are afraid that they are being monitored by governmental or corporate trackers. You know, the big conspiracy theory.

4) They dislike the lack of privacy and rather not be represented on the Internet, which in turn may hurt their livelihood or other relationships.

5) Their livelihood forbids the use of these formats for their employees.

6) The ex factor: They are avoiding the temptation of snooping around in their ex’s profiles that could lead to negative feelings and vice versa of their exes.

7) They are feeling distrust with society and media technology as a whole.

8) They want to be different secretly rebelling a world slowly vanishing into an digital one.

9) They want people to contact them in person only because they feel online social networking is too shallow of a contact method.

10) They feel as if it’s a big fat waste of time.

Maybe they have it right or maybe their wrong, but nevertheless, I always find them fascinating.  A little mystery in the world is always refreshing.

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