Why I Post Inspirational Quotes On Social Media

After high school I flailed around learning about things I loved but never pursued an actual career.  I was very unhappy, depressed, and bitter, which I covered up by being the life of the party in front of my friends and family.  I was under the thought pattern that you should keep your pains a secret and no one should see you cry.  Privately, I battled thoughts of suicide.  I lost myself in decisions that were drenched in self harm.

What got me through those times were inspirational quotes.  They inspired me to hold on to the belief that I could pull through.  The quotes inspired me to ask myself some tough questions; “Are you doing the things that will give you the results you want out of life?”  No, I was not doing the things that would give me the results I wanted in life and the key to doing knowing what to do were within the quotes of wise men and women!

Using the quotes, I get more out of life more because I see more with gratitude.  My work ethic has improved too.  Instead of being bitter at a job, I see my job as a means to support my dreams.  I am now excited to work and my employers praise my contributions daily.  My harmful behaviors have stopped because I am more hopeful about the future and I want to make sure I live to experience it.  Motivational quotes are part of the conversation I now have with myself on a daily basis which inspires me to pursue a creative fulfilling life in film-making, art, and writing.  In the process of reviewing these quotes, I post them out to the world so that the message that has touched me can help even one person gather some insights or strength to continue to pursue their dreams when times are tough or simply a drudge.  As well, I hope that someone sees a quote that is mesmerizing and seek to know more about the wise person who said it.  The fascinating lives of many of these individuals can be further stimulating.

There is no manual for life except for these inspiring nuggets of time traveling ideas, methods, and wisdom.  They hit home as we realize that the experience in a human life is a timeless involvement that requires the contribution of every one of us.  And the authors of wise words live on in our survival through adversity.  Ultimately I feel that what it means to be who we are is an amalgamation of every human being in the history of time that has inspired another.  As we grow from our experiences, the words from the wise can have new insights to enlighten us at different stages of our lives.  Eventually in time we begin to create our own wise expressions that will inspire generations beyond our comprehension of time.

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