Life For The Living...

People die to show us our mortality
And inspire the immortality of our spirits.
We must not be distracted by grief for too long
But remember their many gifts they gave to you,
If at all,
Even if it is just the hope of what could have been.
It is in your hands and mine
To do this kindness for another and another and another.
Provide them laughter and support
A thousand times better than we received.
In one way or another, we,
You and I and they,
Will live forever as we influence our universe
With GOOD!
Like potent life giving seeds
It flourishes throughout the soil of existence
Helping the next trees to grow
Even bigger and better that ever before.
People die to show us that life has meaning.
And yours is the most important of all
If you remember what to do with it.

- Veltis Angel (4/18/2014)

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