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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Timeline - From China to North Dakota

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December 1, 2020:

  • It is speculated that the first cases began in Wuhan China, a very big and busy city.  The Wuhan live animal market (also known as a "wet" market) is where the first man, a worker in the market contracted the virus (later we would learn that it was possibly from a bat, snakes or some other wildlife animals that are regularly sold at the market).

December 30, 2020:

  • Dr Li Wenliang posts his first warning to the public on a medical social media message board for medical professionals.  He is the first doctor of many doctors who tended to patients with a mysterious illness he thought it was SARS.  Then other sources report of a "pneumonia of and unknown source".

December 31, 2020:

  • More than half of the city of Wuhan in china are reported to have come down with the flu / pneumonia, all of those who visited the Wuhan Market.

January 1, 2020:

  • The Chinese government shuts down the Wuhan Market in China.  At this point the government believed that shutting down the market would stop the spread of the disease.

January 3, 2020:

  • Dr Li Wenliang was questioned by police and forced to post an apology under duress for spreading rumors and inciting fear.  This relaxed the fears of medical staff in China and put them and visiting tourist at direct risk for the virus.

January 7, 2020:

  • The Chinese government gets closer to identifying the pneumonia phenomenon as a type of corona virus, but there is still a lot of mystery about the virus and how it is spreading.

January 9, 2020:

  • The first death is confirmed in china.  He was a 61 year old man who was a regular visitor to the Wuhan Market.  41 cases are reported in China.  The Wuhan Health Commission says that the virus is not transferable by human contact.  At the time they were still uncertain about how the virus was spreading because up until now most coronaviruses were transmitted from animal to animal or animal to human.  This misinformation relieves the concerns of the public but leaves them more vulnerable to contamination, thus eventually killing thousands.

January 11, 2020:

  • Dr Li Wenliang, the whistle blower gets a fever and gets hospitalized.

January 13, 2020:

  • Thailand reports it's first case of the virus and it is the first country to get the virus outside China.

January 15, 2020:

  • Japan reports it's first case of the virus.

January 18, 2020:

  • Only two deaths reported in China, but there may have been more deaths that occurred while the virus was being suppressed in December 2019 that went unreported.  International reports begin to emerge internationally about a mysterious virus linked to pneumonia and it was initially reported that the virus was transmitted from animal to human.   This was a reasonable mistake but catastrophically deadly mistake.  Unfortunately that misled people into thinking that it was not transferable by human contact.  Experts were accused of playing down the seriousness of the virus later on, however, it was due to a lack of information of how it can spread.  However, travelling monitoring was the only action in affect, which seemed a bit severe at the time and China was commended for taking such intense measures.  Travelers could still travel anywhere in the world if they did not have a fever, which is ineffective at detecting carriers of the virus.  A combination of unknowingly ineffective measures and loosing 4 weeks trying to suppress the public's knowledge of the virus is was what turned the virus into a global pandemic.

January 20, 2020:

  • Over 70 confirmed cases and 2 deaths in China.  The first case of the virus hit the United States in Washington state.  The news finally reports that the virus declared a hazard because it was confirmed that human to human contraction was indeed possible.  Sadly it was 8 weeks too late since Dr Li Wenliang blew the whistle on this. 242 global cases at this point.
  • South Korea reports it's first case of the virus. 

January 21, 2020:

  • 314 global cases.  
  • 300 confirmed cases and 6 deaths in China.  The virus is getting more coverage in the news as it spreads from the central Chinese city of Wuhan to cities including Beijing and Shanghai.  The Chinese New Year celebration is still not cancelled!  There seems to be an emphasis on the government not spreading panic among the citizens of China and the loss to businesses in the region.

January 22, 2020:

  • 440 confirmed cases and 17 deaths in China.    China issued travel warning as virus deaths surgeTravel is still only monitored and not banned, which would have contained the virus.  But to be fair, at this point they were not aware of how many people were infected and how easily it could be transmitted.  As well, many people were told that the virus was controllable.  They also didn't want to panic the public.  The screening process for travelers only involves monitoring temperature, which is not an effective diagnosis for those carrying the virus not showing any symptoms.

January 23, 2020:

January 24, 2020:

  • Over 500 confirmed cases and 26 deaths in China.  The Chinese New Year celebration continues as usual.  People travel from all over the world to Wuhan China for the annual Chinese New Year celebration.  This is why the virus was able to travel so far and so fast.

January 25, 2020:

January 26, 2020:

January 27, 2020:

January 30, 2020: 

January 31, 2020:

  • 9,800 cases globally.
  • The UK quarantines citizens traveling from China.  
  • The U.S. declares a public health emergency banning non-U.S. nationals from entering the country who have traveled to China within the last 14 days.  U.S. citizens possibly carrying the virus are allowed into the country but not isolated.  

February 1, 2020:

February 2, 2020:

  • The first death outside China in the Philippines.  He was a 44 year old man from Wuhan, China.

February 3, 2020:

February 4, 2020:

February 6, 2020:

February 7, 2020:

February 11, 2020:

  • Coronavirus was named COVID-19 by the World Health Organization. 43k infections globally and over 1k deaths.  SARs had 800 fatalities and as of this day, it is obvious that the virus is more contagious so that makes it deadlier.

February 12, 2020:

February 13, 2020:

February 14, 2020:

February 17, 2020:

February 18, 2020:

February 19, 2020:

  • Some people are pointing out that 1720, 1820, 1920, and 2020 is a time of plague in history.

February 21, 2020:

February 23, 2020:

  • Around a dozen towns in Italy are in lock down as the country races to contain the biggest outbreak of the virus in Europe after a surge in cases.  Italians are curtailing gatherings, but not stopping them entirely.

February 24, 2020:

February 25, 2020:

February 26, 2020:

  • Reports of the virus cases emerge in the United States to individuals who had not traveled to Wuhan, indicating the spread.  The first death occurs in the United States.

February 27, 2020:

  • The World Health Organization announces that the virus had world "pandemic potential".

February 28, 2020:

February 29, 2020:

March 1, 2020:

March 3, 2020:

March 4, 2020:

March 5, 2020:

March 7, 2020:

  • China still faces challenges. 70 quarantine people trapped in a hotel in China in danger as the whole 5 story building collapses.  It’s said that the car dealer on the ground floor removed several load bearing walls during refurbishment.  
  • Over 4,600 cases reported in Italy and climbing.

March 10, 2020:

March 11, 2020:

March 13, 2020:

  • President Donald Trump declares the U.S. at a national emergency.  It took a while for this to happen after the country has been getting many mixed messages from the president.  To be fair, this was because the nature of how the virus spreads took so long to determine.  
  • In my state, Governor Burgum to announce state of emergency for North Dakota.  No action was taken.

March 14, 2020:

Personal Diary: In Downtown Fargo, the parade for St. Patrick's Day was wisely cancelled, however, the streets are full with groups of inebriated young and middle aged people.  People are behaving as normal.  The stores that are open, clerks are not wearing gloves and masks yet.  I decided self-quarantine myself.

March 15, 2020:

Personal Diary: The first day of my self quarantine, in North Dakota.  We only have one case of the virus and 7 pending tests.  A lot of people are saying that the virus is a hoax and is not serious.

March 16, 2020:

  • Being over 40  with COVID-19 is not a death sentence as we have a 60 year old survivor of the virus.  Age is not as a big of a factor from the age of 22 - 55, but existing medical problems could be.  The elderly over 80 may be the most affected.

March 17, 2020:

Personal Diary: After watching a great deal of materials on COVID-19 I personally decided to start taking notes and documenting the world's journey through this uncertain time.

March 18, 2020:

  • China has no new cases of the virus today.
  • There is a shortage of protective gear in the U.S., however, the gear is being thrown away after each testing. The U.S. government is asking people to only test for the virus if there are symptoms.  Over 100 deaths in the U.S. as young college students not adhering the warnings going to beaches in Florida for Spring Break.  The news promoted that only the elderly were in risk of dying, which is not accurate.

March 19, 2020:

  • 244,517  cases globally, 10,030 deaths, and over 86,000 people with diagnosed cases have recovered
  • China has turned the corner on the virus with no new cases in China.  This is good news in the fight after 4 months of struggle for the country. 
  • News from emergency rooms in Italy and warns the U.S.  Italy's deaths have surpassed China. 3,405 have died, over 200 in the last 24 hours with over 40k cases. 
  • Spain has 803 deaths from the virus with over 17k confirmed cases and over 900 people in intensive care.  
  • In the U.S. there is a focus on testing and there is a shortage of tests that takes several days to get results, however, by the time the results return, the subject could be infected, rendering the test invalid. Chloroquine, an old malaria drug, may help treat novel coronavirus. 

March 20, 2020:

Personal Diary: Day 6 of self quarantine.  Today I was forced to leave my apartment building to pick up my deliveries at the office in my building.   I was worried for the receptionist there.  Residents need her there to sign for much needed packages and it's a risky job.  Much appreciated.

March 21, 2020:

Personal Diary: Day 7 of self quarantine.  I went out for emergency groceries at 11:30am this morning. The streets were moderately empty, except for one gang of 3 men not practicing social distancing from each other and a few elderly, who typically shop early Saturday mornings.  Many non essential stores were still open.  I passed by a record store that was still open.  As well, restaurants on Instagram are urging patrons to utilize curbside pick up or delivery to support local businesses.  The problem is, who is preparing the food and are they infected.  There is no way to know that people are using gloves and masks while handling the food.  No one here thinks that it is important to do that right now. Later in the evening I had multiple hot flashes, joint pains, headache and felt dizzy.  No cough, no fever.  I am probably getting a little paranoid. I only got 4 hours of sleep the night before so it must be body stress, I hope.

March 22, 2020:
Personal Diary:  Day 7 of self quarantine.  I got a lot of sleep and felt better.  I can hear my neighbors randomly coughing.  Not serious.  It's pretty quiet around here.  My health was totally fine after getting 8 hours of sleep.

March 23, 2020:
  • Global cases, 372,563, 16,381 deaths, 100,885, recovered.  So far 1 in 7 people have died from the virus, who've contracted it.  The methods of transfer are obvious and yet still a mystery as we have people who say that they didn't know how they got it. 
  • The Olympic committee finally considering at least delaying the games not cancelling as the world fights for its life.   
  • Italy is still being ravaged, 63,927 cases, 6077 deaths, 7,432 recovered at nearly a 1:1 rate of death for cases at this time.  Horrible.  
  • UK has a big problem with getting citizens tested and so the only accurate number are the number of deaths sadly at 281.  
  • U.S.A is at 33,404 cases, 573 deaths, and zero recovered.  The country still hasn't reached the recovery threshold.  Bureaucracy threatens to halt any bills to ease the American public's sense of financial security as the Senate is split on where money should go.  As well many U.S. officials are saying that the public only needs to social distance in a total of 15 days, however, China needed two months to just to slow down the virus outbreak.  National Guard are setting up medical stations in New York, California, and Washington.   
  • NY is the epicenter of the virus in America as the spread is still increasing because of the improvement of testing.  Mayor De Blasio updates on New York City's response to COVID-19 every day managing hospital supplies that are overcapacity.  Many people are trying to stay busy, working from home and staying hopeful.  
  • My state, North Dakota is holding its numbers, 30 cases, 0 deaths, 0 recoveries.  There is one case in my town currently.  Too close to home.   A true vaccine may be available in late summer 2021, more than 12 months from now.  China is lifting many of their restrictions and opening movie theaters.
Personal Diary: I look out the window and see that the buses are running as usual, most likely for essential employee travel.  I got packages delivered today of items I bought before the "shelter in place".  A few more are coming so I called the office that holds the deliveries that I would pick them up on Friday to reduce the possible exposure to the virus for both of us.

March 24, 2020:
Personal Diary:  I am on day 10 of self isolation.  This morning I did some breathing exercises that some recovered people have done to strengthen their lungs.  It also has a dual purpose to calm anxiety, which we all need any way.  It's really quiet around here and people are doing things solo with social distancing.  However, by the end of the day, I heard some rather disturbing loud coughing and even hacking by my neighbor.   It would seem difficult for me to get anything by just living adjacent to a sick person in an apartment building.  However, I am scared for them because, I do believe that one of them smoke cigarettes.  I must be extra careful travelling in the halls, the railings on the stairs, handling the mailbox and touching the front door.  Gloves will be now mandatory.

March 25, 2020:
Personal Diary:
The streets are moderately empty.  My neighbor continues to cough violently periodically.

March 26, 2020:
  • 495,250 cases globally.  20,857 deaths and 113,691 world wide. There is a population of 7.8 billion world wide.  One fourth of the world is on lock down.  China went up a hundred cases at 81,782 cases, 6 more deaths, and 74,181 total recoveries.  Italy is holding at 74386 cases and 7503 and no new recoveries.  Experts say that they may be turning the corner.  Spain has 59,197 cases but the deaths are rising, over achieving China at 4145.  Many of the dead are presently being kept in an empty ice rink in the country.  There are 7015 recoveries.  The UK, has 9962 cases, 479 deaths, and 142 recoveries.  Many Britans are stuck abroad and are trying to get back home.  In the U.S. there are 69,684 cases at an almost 7k rise.  1049 citizens have died and 619 recoveries.  3.28 million people file for unemployment in the past week and climbing.  The Senate passed a $2 trillion stimulus package and is sent to the House, which hopes to approve it by Friday.  The number of infected people in North Dakota 52.  2 of those individuals live in my county.
Personal Diary:
The street are still moderately empty and my neighbor is still coughing and now also blowing his nose.  Lets hope he only has a cold or hay fever.

March 27, 2020:
  • Dr. John Campbell explains what the experts know about the virus the average person does not know and does not want to know.  
  • Globally the cases are on a steep 90k rise at 576,859 over night, 26,455 people have died (6k deaths over night) and 29,812 recovered.  China has 81,897 cases, 3296 deaths and 74,720 recovered.  The government re-closes theaters for precaution however the lock down in Wuhan is slowly easing after 9 weeks.  There are still quarantines in affect.  
  • Italy has 86,498 cases.  Nearly 5 thousand people died over night with 9,134 deaths total and 10,950 recovered in Italy.  
  • Spain has 64,059 cases, 4,934, and 9,357. 
  • The UK has 14,743 cases, 761 deaths, and 151 recoveries. The Prime Minister of the UK has the COVID-19
  • The U.S. has taken the lead on cases at 94,288 with 1,475 deaths and 813 recoveries. President Trump puts and emphasis that he would like all Americans to go back to work as soon as possible, however realistically the country currently has the most cases globally and rising daily.  It may take one to four weeks before these cases run their course.  There are many diagnosed carriers without symptoms still spreading the virus.  Experts say up to 10 times as much. If those people go back to work too soon, they could be endangering lives.  The President did sign the $2 trillion stimulus bill to help American citizens and businesses get assistance during the outbreak lock down, marking a historic moment for the country.  The country is at a casual approach, but the worst is ahead.
  • New York is looking at a possible tragedy after they run out of supplies in two weeks.   
  • In my state, The North Dakota Department of Health has confirmed 7 new cases of COVID-19 in North Dakota, bringing the statewide total to 65.  We had our first fatality this morning in Bismark.   Sadly, the low numbers compared to other states is emboldening citizens.  Officials recommend individuals limit social gatherings to less than 10 people and those traveling internationally or domestically and self-isolate for 14 days.  Of the 65 cases 13 people are now hospitalized due to the virus.  North Dakota Governor Burgum says there is no lock down order being issued at this time and hopes people will use personal responsibility.  To be fair, it may already be to late.  The time to lock down the city was when the first case arrived in the U.S.  However he wisely signed an Executive Order closing licensed cosmetologists, tattoo studios, massage therapists and other personal service industries to close until April 6th. That is only a little more than a week.
Personal Diary:
This is my day 13. My neighbor is still violently coughing periodically.  I had to leave the apartment to pick up deliveries from the office below my building.  I called ahead of time and it was left outside for me.  Very safe.  I also had to get groceries.  I completely sterilized every item entering the apartment as well as the clothing I wore.  I plan to stay home for the next two weeks.  My only venture out of the apartment will be to get the mail and pay the rent.  I still must be extremely careful in the hallways, wear gloves, a mask and sterilize everything I come in contact with.  While I was out, while I did see one woman wearing a mask and keeping her distance, I was distressed to see so many people still not socially distancing.  A group of 4 women in their 30's were jogging close together, definitely not the suggested 2 meters away.  City maintenance personnel were taking down Christmas lights, but gathered very close a few times to talk to each other, not observing the 2 meter rule.  A store clerk, not concerned for health concerns, she said.  She said that the only people at risk for "pneumonia" were the really old and young.  It is so sad to see how many people are not taking this seriously enough. I can't believe this, but my neighbor had a get together with friends last night.  Even if he only has a cold, why invite people over to spread his cold.

March 28, 2020:
Personal Diary:
I woke up today to the sound of a second neighbor coughing.  This one is a female.  Looking out of my window, it looks like people are starting to take things more seriously.  It's almost a ghost town.

March 29, 2020:
Personal Diary:
No news.

March 30, 2020:
  • Globally we have 766,336 cases, 36,873 deaths, and 160,001 recoveries.  We are on track to have 1 million confirmed cases world wide by April 4th, however there may be another million cases unconfirmed.
  • China has a few more cases at 82198, 3,308 deaths and 75,923 recoveries.  Their numbers are still going up, but not as rapidly.  It might be the new normal, that we have cases emerge over the next year, but slowly and at a pace caregivers, (sadly) morgues and science can and keep up.
  • Italy has 101,739 cases, 11,591 deaths and 14,620 recoveries.  Currently, it looks like Italians have a 45% percent chance of mortality.  Scientist are trying to figure out why.  Is it genetics, is it diet, is it smoking and second hand smoke exposure?  Are these all factors?
  • Spain has 85,1985 cases, 7,340 deaths, and 16,780 recoveries.
  • The U.K. has 22,448 cases, 1,411 deaths and 171 recoveries.
  • The U.S. has 153,246 cases, 2,828 deaths and 5,545 recoveries.  There is a chance that the U.S. could loose up to 1/4th the population. The White House extends COVID-19 guidelines (social distancing) until April 30th for the country and Dr. Fauci optimistically says that they expect more than 200,000 deaths in the country.  More cases are emerging about healthy individuals with flu vaccines getting seriously sick from the virus needing hospitalization.  Many Amazon and Instacart workers walking off job amid safety concerns over the virus, both services I typically use.  More terrible stories of loss keep affect the nation.
  • In my state, we have 11 new cases today, including the state's second death, a woman in her 80s from McHenry County with underlying health conditions who acquired COVID-19 through community spread.  The number of confirmed cases in North Dakota is now at 109 positive cases; 19 total hospitalized and 19 recovered.  Most of the cases are in my county, the hottest traffic in from Moorhead, Minnesota. 
Personal Diary:
I woke up to my neighbors cough.  Its random, but loud enough for me to hear clearly.  I myself have been battling a slight sore throat since March 24th.  It hasn't gotten worse, it hasn't improved.

March 31, 2020:
  • 803,650 cases globally,  39,033 fatalities, 172,722 recovered.  We are looking at an average 20% of the population decrease from this pandemic.  1 in 5 people may die globally from this in total (that's 1.5 billion deaths total).  We must get a grasp on this soon.  Not to mention the other fatalities the pandemic is causing.
  • China has 82,276 cases, 3,309 deaths, and 76,204 recoveries.  China will add asymptomatic cases in their overall count on April 1st, which will give us a boost in global numbers, however, become a more accurate.  North Korea claims no cases at all.  
  • Italy has 101,739 cases, 11,591 deaths, and 14,620 recoveries.
  • Spain has 94,417 cases, 8,189 deaths and 19,259 recoveries.
  • U.K. has 22,465 cases, 1,412 deaths and 179 recoveries. The deaths outnumber the recoveries which is a sign that they are in the beginning stages of their fight.
  • U.S.A. 164,785 cases, 3,173 deaths and 5,945 recoveries. Army Corps are constructing makeshift hospitals to help states country wide.  Medical recommendations of how to treat the virus is being offered, but still mostly speculation.
  • In my state, North Dakota cases has risen to 109 with 3 deaths, 19 total hospitalized, and 20 recovered.
Personal Diary:  The my neighbor's coughing continues, but now more often.  They have been coughing violently since March 22nd.  Is that normal?

April 1, 2020:
Personal Diary:  The streets are nearly empty as I look outside my window. No sounds from the neighbors except someone is doing some kind of repairs with an occasional fits of hammering and electric sawing.

April 2, 2020:
Personal Diary:  We had a leak in our building from rain on the roof and into the stairwell.  Brave maintenance persons are working on it.  Thank goodness it was not in any of the apartments.  Also, its snowing at 19 degrees.  This is a full blown snow storm.

April 3, 2020:

Personal Diary:  My neighbor's coughing has become more aggressive.  I myself am not certain I am not sick. I have a mild sore throat and I am feeling some mild pressure on my rib cage.  No problems breathing.  No fever.

April 4, 2020:
Personal Diary:  I woke up with mild tightness in my chest.  Breathing is fine, no cough, no fever.  My throat is sore.  I don't hear much from my neighbors.

April 5, 2020:
Personal Diary:  The news in my area is reporting yesterday's news.   It's Sunday so everyone probably want a mental break from this thing.  I am still expressing mild illness.  No fever, no cough, but sore throat, chest pressure and occasional body aches.  We are advised not to go to the hospital unless there is shortness of breath and fever.  The neighbor's cough has subsided.

April 6, 2020:

Personal Diary:  It's pretty quiet today.  Mild cold and flu symptoms. No fever or cough.

April 7, 2020:

  • Globally we have 1,363,365 cases, 76,420 fatalities, and 292,425 recovered.  
  • China has 82,718 cases, 3,335 fatalities, and 77,410 recovered.  
  • Italy has 132,547 cases, 16,523 fatalities, and 22,837 recovered. 
  • Spain has 140,510 cases, 13,798 fatalities, and 43,208 recovered.  
  • U.K. has 52,302 cases, 5,385 fatalities, and 312 recovered.  Prime Minister Boris Johnson is admitted into ICU overnight.
  • U.S.A. 368,533 cases, 11,008 fatalities, and 19,972 recovered.   Stocks are up for a second day, staving off the expected recession.
  • In my area, North Dakota 225 positive cases with 4 deaths and 74 recovered. 

Personal Diary:  Another quiet day.  Mild cold and flu symptoms. Body aches and headache.  No fever or cough.

In summary:
You can see the world tracker of the virus at this website for the local news in North Dakota, Valley News Live. I am documenting these series of events to document for future retrospecting and inform. Fear can only be beaten by meeting it head on, gathering all of the facts and then making a determination about the future.  Let's be informed and stay safe everyone. Many thank you's to the invisible heroes of our world that we typically horribly take for granted like doctors, nurses, aides, caregivers, janitors, public transportation operators, electricians, technicians, police, security guards, store clerks, delivery personnel, and receptionists, who are work on the front lines to keep our cities going.   I send well wishes and great hopes we will get through this and rise into greatness as a species.

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