Thursday, December 23, 2010

Spending Diet - Spend Less Grocery Shopping!

In these lean times, it's so very important to stay well within our budgets and then some, but this happens to us all. We take the time to jot down all of the "must have" items we need from the grocery store, from our favorite breakfast treats to toiletries and cleaning supplies. When we finally get to do our grocery shopping, we are tempted beyond control to get ice cream, candy bars, chips, dips, and anything that isn't on the list. Sometimes we'll forgo a few items of necessity for these impulse buys. This defeats the purpose of having a grocery list, the ability to stay within our budgets and possibly even disturb our dietary needs.

Well I have a trick that will keep you on track and buy the things you need.

Eat before you go grocery shopping!

Yes, I noticed that if I eat before going grocery shopping I actually stick to the list. When your body is hungry, it tells your brain that it needs every and any type of FOOD and presented with a buffet of choices at the grocery store. When your body is not hungry, your mind ignores the buffet and gets down to business.

Give it a try. Have a satisfying snack before going to buy groceries.

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