Thursday, January 27, 2011

Aging Gracefully In Slow Motion

Getting older is a part of life.  Fortify your body now, in order to age gracefully… in s.l.o.w. m.o.t.i.on. 
Preserve your age and even possibly heal some of the effects of aging.

Links of sources are provided within this article.

Cellular Anti-Aging: Protect your vital organs and maximize muscular and cardiovascular health
o Red wine (supplement with extract or resveratrol).  Research is finding that resveratrol can offer a host of health benefits to improve longevity.
o Exercise (tones skin as well and removes toxins from the body)
o  Cold showers have been proven to be helpful to reset the body.
o Turmeric or it's derivative, Curcumin (anti-inflammatory).
o R-Fraction Alpha Lipoic Acid
o Colostrum
o Essential Fatty Acids
o Magnesium (critical)
o Mushrooms (immune / vitamin D)
o Berries (Anti-oxidants)
o Green Tea (or the extract)
o Garlic (or the extract)
o Eating green vegetables
o Multi-mineral (drops or liquids are the best for absorption)

o Moisture
o CoQ10
o Vitamin E (internal or topically)
o Sunscreen (your face & neck especially)
o Massage
o Stearic Acid  (exfoliation of the skin helping to increase collagen production) 

Cognitive Virility:
o Citicoline
o Phosphatidylserine (ground breaking in "reducing dementia in the elderly" according to the FDA)
o Ginko Biloba
o Vinpocetine
o Huperzine A
o Bacopa

Immune and Stress:
o Vitamin C
o Vitamin B (complex)
o Vitamin D-3

Hormonal Balancing and Virility:
o Maca

Things To Avoid:
o Eating sugar or sweets.  That includes natural sweets as well.  Managing them can avoid or prolong the arrival of diabetes, emotional instability, hypertension, chronic migraines, hormone imbalance,fatigue.
o More than 1 hour of direct sunlight to the skin in a day without sunblock. The sun also dries out the skin, for a lack of a better term, “cooks” the skin.  You only need 5 to 10 minutes of sunlight to gather more than enough vitamin D than you need.
o Smoking.  Dries the skin from the inside out.  Toxins create free radicals.  (Try green tea gum as a way to naturally breaking the habit.)
o Alcohol abuse.  Cortisol belly fat, leaving you vulnerable to heart attacks.  Alcohol abuse can also cause liver damage.
o Frowning
o Feeling of being stressed for too long.
o Lack of sleep.  The body needs sleep in order to restore and repair cell damage.

Do your own research and click on the links provided on this post.  Ultimately your body is your own and you should be the designer of your anti-aging protocol along with the recommendations of your doctor.  

How often do you need to take these supplements suggested? 

You don’t have to have all of these recommended supplements every day.  You can adjust them every other day or weekly.  The younger you are the less you’ll probably have to worry about missing out on any of these.  The younger you start your anti-aging regiment, the more possible aging gracefully will be to achieve.  

If you are starting late, it's never too late.  Get started now, and again do your own research so together you and your medical professionals can discuss a protocol that will be safe for you.

Keep checking this list as the medical community and anti-aging experts continue to make new discoveries about slowing down the process of aging.  We WILL post them here!

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