Thursday, December 29, 2011

5 Ways To Battle Binge Eating

So you’ve overindulged in a treat or maybe you’ve been seduced by the angel food cake and now feel you have the devil to pay for it. Never fret, I’ll be your angel, with really good tricks that will help you to undo any diet straying you may have done… or will do.

1) Take your weight, divide by 2 and drink that number in ounces of water. You’ll feel fuller and flush out those naughty extras in your body.

2) Get better at choosing your naughty moments well. Do you choose the lesser of two evils or just satisfy the present craving? Well the cool thing about cravings is that your body wants this thing… or perhaps it needs it. Scientists have studied this stuff and yet it still boggles the mind. Consider what your body really needs. If you haven’t eaten milk chocolate in a while, perhaps your body is craving magnesium or just the stress relieving benefits of chocolate. What next? Go for the craving (IN A SMALL PORTION). Get it out of the way so your body can stop wanting it. Do it and then get back on track again. It’s not going to ruin everything.

3) Divide your naughty meal or snack into portions of two or more. Eat half now, half later or tomorrow. Keep your portion sizes small, but keep your metabolism high by eating more often during the day. So breaking one cheat meal into several mini cheat meals throughout the day will keep you balanced, not loaded.  This also provides a slow insulin release.

4) Be proud of your decision. Release the pressure hold.  You definitely are still in control.

5) Do not change your physical routine. The tendency is to feel so guilty about cheating on your diet and it might make some people work out more intensely and overdo it, or completely feel overwhelmed that they will give up. Don’t change a thing. Just continue on as normal. Don’t punish yourself and don’t dwell on it longer than the moment it existed. Move on. Come on let’s face it, YOU’RE WAY TOO AWESOME!

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