Is Depression Related To Physical Pain?

One morning I woke up with pain all over my body. I could barely walk without limping. Pain relievers did help a little, but I couldn't really feel them kick in. It is often that I will just wake up like this after something has happened. I become anti-social and just want to be alone.

I've researched this before, but it was awesomely clear to me on this particular morning that this physical pain I was experiencing was related to my unhappiness and stress. Various personal disappointments and feelings of stagnation are easier triggers. These emotions tap into the past, rehashing failures, rejection, and traumatic experiences.

I have been accused of self diagnosing myself in many occasions. So in this case, I have plenty of proof within the articles below how depression has a direct affect on the physical body and is more common than not.

o Physical Pain a Sign of Depression - Pain Triples Depression Risk By Daniel J. DeNoon.
o Depression and pain - Hurting bodies and suffering minds often require the same treatment by Harvard Mental Health.
o When Depression Hurts By Hara Estroff Marano.
o The Link Between Depression and Physical Symptoms By Madhukar H. Trivedi, M.D.


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    1. Wow! Thanks for sharing Shazia. I'll be looking into this app for my follow up article. :D