How To Survive The Holidays Single

The hardest holiday to survive single is Valentine’s Day, hands down, but going through any holiday solo can be extremely hard. You’ll want to NOT fall into the trap of feeling sorry for yourself. No pity parties here! Be proactive! Here’s what you can do…

Option 1:
Depend on your friends and family to get you through. Remember you aren’t going to just spend time with them because you’re single. Make it part of your tradition. You can do that by preparing a unique signature dish or preparing some kind of performance. It will keep your mind off of your dating life and into the project at hand.

Option 2:
Network with other singles and don’t be afraid to tell everyone and anyone that are looking for something to do for the holidays. Set it up well in advance of the holiday. You may hear from the grapevine about a gathering that could use one more for the festivities. You! And perhaps you may meet someone special.

Option 3:
Take charge of your destiny, so to speak, and host your own affair. Invite your family and friends or form a group of singles to bond with. Have a potluck or gathering at a local hotspot. For many years, I threw Valentine’s Day parties on that dreaded holiday and each time it was so much fun. And one year a few roommates and I hosted a wonderful Christmas dinner and invited a few other friends we knew were away from home.

Option 4:
Volunteer. Several weeks or months in advance, sign up for a soup kitchen or charity event happening during the holidays. The feeling after contributing to a needy cause is priceless.

Option 5:
Spoil yourself with a special treat. Indulge yourself with a little getaway, spa, cruise, or even a short train ride out of town. Take a tour through the nearest city’s attractions. Travel or just arrange some time to pamper yourself even if it is for a few hours.

Option 6:
Get into the spirit of the holiday. Rent your favorite holiday movie. Sing holiday songs and consume your favorite holiday treats. Embrace the holiday and celebrate being alive.

Option 7:
Be obsessive about not being obsessive about the things in your life that is not the way you’d like it. Force yourself to think positively and visualize GOOD possibilities.

Good luck!

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