Friday, December 23, 2011

Ways To Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

Whether you have a big family or spending the holidays alone, there will be many festivities leading up to New Years with many chances for you to sample all sorts of naughty holiday treats. But, beware. Santa is watching. He’ll leave you with a few extra pounds to squeeze into your Christmas stockings.

Don’t worry; I’ve got your back. Take a look at these easy ways to stay the same weight all through the holidays. Heck, you might even lose weight.

o Mentally, get focused and motivated. You’ve got to get a little excited. It’s the holidays. Keep your eyes open and think on your feet.

o The big lights and hoopla around free food sounds great if you are strapped for cash on groceries during the holidays. Then you’d really better know your food calories or else.  Learn all you can about holiday food. What the ingredients are and how many calories are in into your favorite treats? Figure out how many you can have without changing your current calorie intake… which brings us to my next tip.

o Try to keep your calorie intake as close to normal as possible.  So if you eat a holiday treat, you might have to minus out something in your daily meal plan.

o Stay away from so-called low calorie alternatives or substitutions. They are usually not as satisfying and that is just a waste of calories you could be enjoying. Have the real thing or nothing.

o Eat something satisfying and healthy before going to any holiday parties. There will be lots of naughty snacks to resist sampling and the pressure will diminish if you are not actually hungry. Feed yourself good and resist the bad.

o Don’t over celebrate with alcohol. Alcohol has heavy calories and it also impairs the ability to resist holiday treats and the overindulgence in them. Factor drinks into your calorie intake for the day. One tasty holiday drink to particularly limit is eggnog. Eggnog has about 350 calories per cup full. Think about lower calorie drink choices.

o Ask to take some treats home if someone is insisting that you try one of their world-famous hoobly-gobs or a dingly-floobs. Have them at your leisure. Many dishes and treats can also be frozen and consumed weeks later.

o If you can bring food to a party or you are the master of ceremonies try emphasizing healthy holiday treats like a fruit tray or veggie carousel.

o Concentrate on your time spent with friends instead of focusing on the holiday food and drinks.

o Exercise whenever possible. Take the stairs walk, just keep it moving.  And one of my favorite tips is to take as many chances as you can to dance at your holiday parties.  Secretly get in an extra little work out.

o Don’t get overwhelmed with all of the cakes, pies and cookies you see. You have to remember that they are not always for eating. They are a part of the spectacle of the holidays like ornaments on the tree and lights. Enjoy looking at them, but don’t eat them, they are ornaments.

Good luck!  I’m rooting for you!

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