Monday, January 23, 2012

Low Calorie Cocktails

Did you know that you could spoil your diet by having a cocktail and adding whopping calories to your daily caloric intake?  Maybe you did, but it's often harder to remember what we shouldn't have, rather than remember the things we can indulge.  You can celebrate any occasion in style as long as you order your libations keeping in mind their caloric value.  Here is a list of some that are a little kinder to your waistline than most.

Cosmopolitan (200 cal.)
Bellini (135 cal.)
Bloody Mary (125 cal.)
Margarita (150 cal.)
Mimosa (90 cal.)
Mojito (150 cal.)
Screwdriver (165 cal.)
Sex on the Beach (185 cal.)
Tequila Sunrise (185 cal.)
Vodka Martini (150 cal.)
Gin & Tonic (140 cal.).

Here are a few videos I found on low calorie cocktails:

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