Total Body Anti-Aging On A Cellular Level

Getting older is a part of life. Fortify your body now, in order to age gracefully… in s.l.o.w. m.o.t.i.on. Preserve your age and even reverse the effects of aging. Protect your vital organs and maximize muscular & cardiovascular health.

o Acetyl L-Carnitine o Berries (Anti-oxidants) o Calorie Restriction (Excess Food puts pressure on the digestive system and will most likely get stored as fat)
o Colostrum (immune system)
o Chlorella
o Curcumin (anti-inflammatory /the most absorbable form of turmeric) o Eating green vegetables (spinach, iron and lowers cholesterol) o EDTA (remove excess iron or metals from the body. Anti-oxidant)
o Essential Fatty Acids (hormones, skin, and brain) o Exercise (tones skin as well and removes toxins from the body)
o Garlic (or the extract)
o Goji Berries or Wolfberry (encourages the body to produce its own natural Human Growth Hormone)
o Green Tea (or the extract)
o Hyaluronic Acid o Maca (hormonal)
o Magnesium (fights stress, tension, muscle spasms, the absorption of calcium and promotes full body healthiness)
o Massage (blood flow)
o Mushrooms (breast cancer, fiber, weight loss, cardiovascular and cellular protection)
o Red wine, Resveratrol and Pterostilbene
o R-Fraction Alpha Lipoic Acid
o Ubiquinol (The most absorbable form of CoQ10)
o Vitamin E
o Water

This is a compilation of research and personal experiments and results vary from person to person.


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