7 Things That Will Accelerate Aging!

Aging will certainly happen as we live our lives, but there are some things that will bring on the process much faster and even shorten your life expectancy even with amazing genes.

These are a few things I avoid:

o Abusing sugar or sweets. The truth is, almost everything has some kind of sugar in it and the body converts carbohydrates into sugar.  There are sugars in vegetables and fruits as well that you may not consider.  So having dessert after a meal packed with carbohydrates and veggies may be too much.   Some actual scientific studies have found that too much sugar in your diet may cause wrinkles.  Read this article from MSMBC explaining it all.  Other problems that too much sugar may influence are diabetes, emotional wellness, hypertension, inflammation, yeast infections, and fatigue.

o Too much sun exposure.  The skin needs about 15 to 20 minutes of sun exposure to get vital vitamin D. However, too much sun dries the skin; for a lack of a better term, “cooks” the skin. Besides the cancer risks, use hats to avoid pesky wrinkles from showing up.  Avoid sunscreen, which contains harmful toxins.

o Smoking dries the skin from the inside out. Toxins release free radicals that can destroy the body on a cellular level. (Try green tea gum as a substitute or a way of naturally breaking the habit.)

o Alcohol is not harmful if used responsibly.  However alcohol abuse is very detrimental to aging.  It dehydrates you and your skin cells are not able to replenish it's moisture thus causing it to wrinkle where it is most vulnerable (the face).   It is known to cause cortisol belly fat, liver damage. A toxic liver can release harmful free-radicals in your body.

o Frowning actually exercises the muscles that make wrinkles.  Frowning wrinkles are often the first types of wrinkles to show up and no matter how much you smile, you still look as if you are tired and mad. 

o Feeling of being stressed for too long.  Stress has so many detrimental effects on the body that are not easy to recognize immediately.  Take time out to take some deep breaths, relax, or even vent so you can release some of the stress from your body.

o Lack of sleep.  There are so many studies on how the lack of sleep can cause premature wrinkles and weakens the body's ability to fight off attacks from foreign elements.  Keep your body strong with at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep every night.

This is a compilation of research and personal testimony and I mind you that the results vary from person to person because our genes also play a strong part in our bodies resistance and susceptibility to aging and disease.

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