Anti-Aging Skin Care

Though it has been said that African Americans, or people with darker skin tones show signs of skin wrinkling slower. I disagree!  I began seeing wrinkles after the age of 25 and I actively started using anti-aging creams when I was 28. Now in my 40's many of the fine lines around my eyes, mouth, neck, and especially my forehead have minimized. Although I still get new wrinkles all of the time, I can age gracefully by managing them.  The key is to not panic.  I will share my skin anti-aging tricks with you.  I switch things up every now and then, but I usually use one or two these for my skin daily, weekly, or monthly.  Overdoing it could create more problems so try them and give yourself a bit of time to see which tip will work for you too.

Topically I will apply:
o Acetyl Hexapeptide-3 (in beauty products on the market like Stivectin, plump the skin)
o CoQ10 cream (cellular energy)
o Hyaluronic Acid (moisture)
o Mist spray of water and lavender (heals cracks)
o Salicylic Acid (renew the skin cells)
o Astaxanthin (as a natural internal sunscreen)
o DMAE (firms muscular structure under the skin)
o Vitamin E (emollient tone)
o Vitamin K (I prefer the Swanson brand)

While applying my creams I massage my face and I especially massage the wrinkles that I see for about 2 minutes.  They don't disappear instantly!  It is only over time that I will realize they've gone or minimized.  And we always like when that happens...

I will consume:
o CoQ10 supplements
o Green vegetables
o Hyaluronic Acid supplements
o Human Growth Hormone producing supplements like Chorella, Goji Berries, and Alpha-GPC producing proteins.  Some people use Deer Velvet Antleer extract.
o Lots of water and pomegranite juice.
o Resveratrol supplements

I absolutely stay away from:
o Sugary man made foods
o Packaged snacks
o Smoking and second hand smoke
o Extreme sun exposure
o Too much red meat and poultry (reserved for once a week or less)
o Washing my face with soap ( I use oil and it doesn't cause pimples)
o Letting your skin get too dry.  Always keep it moisturized.  Keep a spray bottle to mist your face all day.

These are my very best tips for great looking skin.   This is a compilation of extended research and personal experiments.   Take care!


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